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The Kodkod, also called the Chilean Cat, Güiña, or Guigna, is a species of rare feline that is found in a very limited area, amongst the wilderness

Ringed Seal

The Ringed Seal is the smallest of all the seal species in the world. These are a species of true seals that is also the most common seal of the Arct

American Bison

The Bison, also known as the American Bison, is a species of large bovine mammal scattered throughout their long geographical range in almost entire

Black-backed Jackal

The Black-backed Jackal is a species of canids extensively spread across its habitat in several countries in Africa. They get their name from the dar

Wood Bison

The Wood Bison is the larger subspecies of the American Bison, with the other one being its southern cousin – the plains bison. This beast, in fact

Short-eared Dog

The Short-eared Dog, also called Small-eared Dog, or Short-eared Zorro, is a species of very rarely-seen, less-studied, and almost-threatened jungle


The Culpeo is a species of medium size fox that are found only along the entire southern coastal borderline and the adjacent regions of South America

Corsac Fox

The Corsac Fox, also called the steppe fox and the sand fox, is a species of Asian foxes that are widely spread throughout their range. However, the p

European Hedgehog

The European Hedgehog, also known as the West European Hedgehog, Brown-breasted Hedgehog, Common Hedgehog, or simply Hedgehog, is one of the 17 hedgeh