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Long-tailed Chinchilla

The Long-tailed Chinchilla is a species of endangered rodents found in a very limited region in South America. Also known as Chilean, coastal, common

European Polecat

The European Polecat is a species of small to medium size mustelids that are related to the minks and weasels found in Europe and some parts of Asia.

Hog Badger

The Hog Badger is the world's largest badger and is found in a large region covering Central and Southeast Asia. Also called the greater hog badger o

European Badger

The European Badger is a species of badger found in almost everywhere in Europe and parts of Asia. Also known as the Eurasian badger or simply Badger


The Mouflon, also known as urial, is a wild sheep found in many parts of the world and are widely regarded as the ancestor of modern-day domestic she

Asian Black Bear (Moon Bear)

The Asian Black Bear, also known as the Moon Bear or Asiatic Bear, is a species of bear found in an extensive geographical range in the Asian contine

Sumatran Elephant

The Sumatran Elephant is the smallest elephant on earth and is one of the subspecies of the Asian elephant. It is found in a very limited area in the

Minke Whale

The Minke Whale, also called the Little Piked Whale or, Lesser Rorqual, is a whale that is found almost everywhere in the world in two distinct speci

Black Spider Monkey

The Black Spider Monkey is a species of South American monkeys that fall under the genus Ateles of the spider monkeys. These are one of the larger Ne