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Red Kangaroo

Red kangaroos, found in mainland Australia, are the largest of all kangaroos. They are also the largest terrestrial mammal in Australia. These marsup

Bald Uakari

The bald uakari is an Amazonian primate with unique features and a brilliant complexion. They are typically found in certain parts of South America.

Kangaroo Rat

The kangaroo rat is a rodent found in the deserts of North America. Though they are colloquially often called rats, they are more closely related to

Philippine Tarsier

The Philippine tarsier is the sole living member of the genus Carlito, named after the conservationist Carlito Pizarras. One can easily distinguished

Fennec Fox

The fennec fox is a small fox known for its enormous ears. It inhabits the desert regions of North Africa and is well-adapted to life in those harsh

Borneo Elephant

The Borneo elephant, short for the Borneo pygmy elephant, is a sub-species of the Asian elephant. Their origin has been highly debated. It was believ

Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox has several names like the lemming fox, the polar fox, the snow fox, or the white fox. It resides in the cold environment of the Arcti


Meerkats are a species of African mongoose known for their social nature. These furry creatures live in groups of 30 over a range of 2 square miles a

Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare is one of the largest species of hare in North America that is adapted to live in the cold conditions of tundra environments. While t