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Amur Leopard

The Amur leopard is one of the rarest "big cats" on Earth. Pocock gave it its name in 1930 while researching the leopard specimens collected in a mus

American Black Bear

The American Black Bear is among the smallest and heavily distributed bears throughout North America. They have evolved and adapted side-by-side with

Golden Lion Tamarin

The Golden lion tamarin or golden marmoset as alternately called gets its name after the golden on its face and body giving it a lion-like look.

Ring Tailed Lemur

The ring-tailed lemur, easily recognizable from its black and white striped tail, is an icon of Madagascar. Referred to as "maky" in the local langua

Lion-tailed Macaque

The lion-tailed macaque, also known as wanderoo, is a species of Old-World monkeys. This primate belongs to the family Cercopithecidae and is native

Emperor Tamarin

The emperor tamarin is a species of small New World monkeys that are distinguished by their long, white hairs and whiskers that resemble a mustache.


The gelada, also famous as gelada baboon, is a species of monkeys that belong to the primate family Cercopithecidae (Old World Monkey). Although the


The margay is a species of small wild cats that belong to the genus Leopardus of the family Felidae. Although it resembles its near relatives, the oc

Giant Pangolin

The giant pangolin, also called giant ground pangolin, is the largest of all the scaly anteater or pangolin species in the world today. Its body, lik