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Common House Martin

Common house martins, also known as the northern house martin, or simply martin, especially in Europe are small passerine birds found in Europe, Afric

Blue Crane

Blue cranes are found in Africa. They are also known as the Stanley crane and paradise crane. Its population has been in a constant decline since 1980

Wandering Albatross

The wandering albatross is a large bird found in the Southern Ocean. It is also known as snowy albatross, white-winged albatross, and goonie. [capt

Ocellated Turkey

The ocellated turkey is a wildfowl found in Central America. It is a fairly large bird and a source of food for the local population. They are also hu

European Starling

European starlings, also known as common starlings are noisy birds found across the world. They are considered an invasive species in most areas of th

Acadian Flycatcher

Acadian flycatchers are small insectivorous songbirds found in North America. All members of its genus were considered to be a single species before f

Chinstrap Penguin

The chinstrap penguin, also known as ringed penguin, bearded penguin amongst others, is one of the most easily recognizable of penguins. It is distrib

Gentoo Penguin

Gentoo penguins are marine birds found across the Antarctic Islands. Their style of walking, called waddling, is rather fun to watch as it involves th

Little Blue Heron

Little blue herons, also known as blue cranes, little blue cranes, and levee walkers, are small members of the stork family that inhabit the Americas