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Hamadryas Baboon

Hamadryas baboons are old world monkeys found on both sides of the Red Sea, i.e., in the Horn of Africa as well as in the Arabian Peninsula. Physical

Giant Armadillo

The giant armadillo found in South America is the largest armadillo in the world. It is known locally as tatu-canastra, tatou, ocarro, tat├║ carreta.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Unlike its name, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog is actually a rodent species and is one of the five prairie dog species of America. They are known by ma

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey

The Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (or Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey) from China is found in a very small region in the mountainous forests. It is one of the th

African Wild Ass

The African wild ass is a critically endangered species of donkey found around the Horn of Africa. Its former range included Egypt, Sudan, and Libya,

Gray Whale

Gray whales, also known as the grey whale, Pacific gray whale, California gray whale, gray back whale, and devil fish (by whalers) are a large baleen

African Leopard

African leopards are one of the two big cats that inhabit the continent of Africa, along with the lion. The cheetah is also sometimes included in the

White-cheeked Gibbon

White-cheeked gibbons, also known as northern white-cheeked gibbons, white-cheeked crested gibbon are primates found in Southeast Asia. Their populati

Hoary Bat

Hoary bats are found across the Americas. They are able hunters and can travel up to 39 km during their forages. [caption id="attachment_8202" alig

Vervet Monkey

Vervet monkeys are primates found in Africa. They are behaviorally one of the closest to humans. They are divided into five subspecies. Their broad ra