Woodpeckers in Kansas

Kansas offers a beautiful combination of vast, open spaces, forests, and woodlands, making it an abode for woodpeckers. The central location of the state and its mild climate are added advantages.

The state is home to twelve species of woodpeckers, which can be found across Kansas, from the extensive plains to the heart of cities like Topeka and Wichita. The most common species in Kansas is the downy woodpecker. In contrast, the American three-toed woodpecker and Williamson’s sapsucker are considered accidental species and are, therefore, difficult to find.

Woodpeckers in Kansas (KS)

Different Types of Woodpeckers Found in Kansas

NameIdentifying FeaturesWhere They Are Found in Kansas
Downy WoodpeckerSmall size, black wings with white spotsCommon throughout the state
Hairy WoodpeckerSimilar to Downy but largerCommon in wooded areas
Northern FlickerBrownish body with black markingsOpen areas, fields, and yards
Red-bellied WoodpeckerRed cap on the headWoodlands, suburbs, and parks
Pileated WoodpeckerLarge, striking red crest and black bodyForested regions and woodlands
Ladder-backed WoodpeckerBlack ladder-like pattern on the backArid regions and canyons
Red-headed WoodpeckerBright red head and black wingsWoodlands, open areas, and suburbs
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerYellow belly and red throatWooded areas with sap-rich trees
Red-naped SapsuckerRed nape and throat patch, white bars on wingsIn forests with trees
Lewis’s WoodpeckerPinkish-red belly, dark face, and gray collarRare, found in western regions
American Three-toed WoodpeckerThree-toed feet and black backFound in coniferous forests
Williamson’s SapsuckerWhite wing patches, red throat and crownRare, in western parts of the state

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