Birds of Samoa

Samoa is home to about 100 birds. Despite its small size, the island nation is covered with tropical moist forests, which serve as a suitable home for multiple birds like seabirds, waterbirds, and shore birds.

Some notable birds in Samoa include the Samoan Fruit Dove, the Samoan Starling, the Polynesian Triller, the Pacific Imperial Pigeon, and the Samoan Ground Dove.

Birds of Samoa

List of Common Birds Found in Samoa

Native Birds

  • Australasian Swamphen
  • Australian Swiftlet
  • Barn Owl
  • Bar-tailed Godwit
  • Black Noddy
  • Blue-crowned Lorikeet
  • Bridled Tern
  • Bristle-thighed Curlew
  • Brown Booby
  • Brown Noddy
  • Buff-banded Rail
  • Cardinal Myzomela
  • Crimson-crowned Fruit-dove
  • Flat-billed Kingfisher
  • Gray Wagtail
  • Great Crested Tern
  • Great Frigatebird
  • Island Thrush
  • Long-billed White-eye
  • Many-colored Fruit-dove
  • Mao
  • Masked Booby
  • Metallic Pigeon
  • Mottled Petrel
  • Pacific Black Duck
  • Pacific Golden Plover
  • Pacific Imperial Pigeon
  • Pacific Long Tailed Cuckoo
  • Pacific Reef Heron
  • Pacific Robin
  • Pacific Swallow
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Polynesian Starling
  • Polynesian Triller
  • Red Avadavat
  • Red-headed Parrotfinch
  • Samoan Fantail
  • Samoan Flycatcher
  • Samoan Fruit Dove
  • Samoan Ground Dove
  • Samoan Kingfisher
  • Samoan Moorhen
  • Samoan Starling
  • Samoan Thrush
  • Samoan Triller
  • Samoan Whistler
  • Samoan Woodhen
  • Slender-billed White-eye
  • Sooty Shearwater
  • Spotless Crake
  • Spotless Crake
  • Tooth-billed Pigeon
  • Tropical Shearwater
  • Wandering Tattler
  • Wattled Honeyeater
  • Whimbrel
  • White-browed Crake
  • White-rumped Swiftlet

Non-native Birds

  • Black-bellied Plover
  • Brown Skua
  • Buller’s Shearwater
  • Collared Kingfisher
  • Collared Petrel
  • Common Myna
  • Common Tern
  • Far Eastern Curlew
  • Gould’s Petrel
  • Herald Petrel
  • Jungle Myna
  • Lesser Frigatebird
  • Little Tern
  • Newell’s Shearwater
  • Pacific Kingfisher
  • Pomarine Jaeger
  • Red Junglefowl
  • Red-vented Bulbul
  • Rock Pigeon
  • Roseate Tern
  • Semipalmated Plover
  • South Polar Skua
  • Stejneger’s Petrel
  • Wood Sandpiper

Some of the best birding sites in Samoa include O le Pupu-Pue National Park, Falealupo Rainforest Preserve, Sataoa Mangrove Preserve, Lake Lanoto’o National Park, and Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve. The peak birding season in Samoa typically occurs during the austral spring and summer months, from September to March. During this period, the weather is generally warm and humid, and there is an abundance of food resources available for birds, making it an ideal time for breeding and nesting. Some migratory bird species from other regions may also visit Samoa during this time, adding to the diversity of birds present. Many bird species in Samoa breed during the spring and summer months when food is abundant and environmental conditions are favorable for raising offspring.

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