Animals of the World

Here you can find out all about thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fishes walking, flying, and swimming the Earth. Also check out the galleries for unique animal wallpapers.

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Marabou Stork

The Marabou stork is a bird famous for its scavenging habits. It is deemed the 'ugliest bird on Earth' because of its unkempt and shabby appearance. The other name associated with

  1. Great Potoo

    The great potoo is the largest of all seven potoo species found worldwide. Often mistaken

  2. Common Potoo

    The common potoo, also referred to as the poor-me-ones like other potoo species because o

  3. Kakapo

    The Kakapo, a flightless bird, the heaviest parrot globally, weighs more than the hyacint

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Frilled Shark

The frilled shark is a "living fossil", owing to its primitive physical features and lack

Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie-cutter sharks, tiny but fearless, are a unique shark species as they are parasitic

Megamouth Shark

The Megamouth shark is among the rarest species of shark. Along with the whale shark and

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January 20th
Thorny Devil

The thorny devil is an Australian lizard easily r

January 13th
Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare is one of the largest species of