Animals of the World

Here you can find out all about thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fishes walking, flying, and swimming the Earth. Also check out the galleries for unique animal wallpapers.

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Scarlet Ibis

The scarlet ibis is probably the most dazzling species of long-legged, hardy wading birds belonging to the ibis group of the family Threskiornithidae. This medium-sized wader, ide

  1. Snowy Egret

    The snowy egret is a graceful, active species of small- to medium-sized herons known by i

  2. Black-bellied Whistling Duck

    The black-bellied whistling duck is a highly gregarious, noisy waterfowl species that bel

  3. California Condor

    The California condor, a species of New World vultures, is the largest land bird in North

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Northern Snakehead

The Northern Snakehead is a species of large carnivorous fish native to parts of the Kore

Goonch Catfish

Goonch Catfish, also known as the Giant Catfish, is a species of monster-size catfish fou

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

The Oceanic Whitetip is a species of very ferocious sharks that are often regarded as the

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August 8th
Green Iguana

The green iguana also called the common or Americ

July 23rd
Lion-tailed Macaque

The lion-tailed macaque, also known as wanderoo,