Animals of the World

Here you can find out all about thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fishes walking, flying, and swimming the Earth. Also check out the galleries for unique animal wallpapers.

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Ringneck Pheasant

The Ringneck Pheasant, also called the common pheasant, is a bird from the Phasianidae (pheasant) family that is known for its dramatic coloration and also famous as a gamebird. Na

  1. Mississippi Kite

    The Mississippi Kite is a fairly small raptor species native to the United States. Known f

  2. Great Crested Flycatcher

    The Great Crested Flycatcher is a common insectivorous bird from the ‘flycatcher’ fami

  3. Phainopepla

    The Phainopepla (pronunciation: fain-o-PEP-la), also known as the Northern Phainopepla, is

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Moon Jellyfish

The Moon Jellyfish are found in the tropical waters of the ocean and are known for their b

Clown Triggerfish

The clown triggerfish (also called, the big-spotted triggerfish) is a small sized fish fou

Giant Oarfish

The Giant Oarfish is a species of enormous oarfish living in the depths of the ocean aroun

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October 12th
Moon Jellyfish

The Moon Jellyfish are found in the tropical water

October 9th
Asian Long-Horned Beetle

The Asian Long-Horned Beetle (abbreviated as ALB)