Animals of the World

Here you can find out all about thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fishes walking, flying, and swimming the Earth. Also check out the galleries for unique animal wallpapers.

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Great Crested Flycatcher

The Great Crested Flycatcher is a common insectivorous bird from the ‘flycatcher’ family and is indigenous across a wide range in North America. These large birds are known for

  1. Phainopepla

    The Phainopepla (pronunciation: fain-o-PEP-la), also known as the Northern Phainopepla, is

  2. Little Owl

    Little owls are true owls with a wide distribution throughout the warmer parts of Eurasia

  3. Egyptian Vulture

    Egyptian vultures are old world raptors with a wide distribution from Western Europe to th

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Wolf Eel

The Wolf Eel is a species of fish that are often confused for true eel. However, unlike th

Blue Shark

The Blue Shark is a species of shark found almost everywhere in the world and is the most

Salmon Shark

Salmon sharks are mackerels found across the northern Pacific Ocean. They are the apex pre

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August 17th
Gharial (Indian Gharial Crocodile)

The Gharial (pronunciation: /ˈɡɛːrɪəl//ˈɡa

August 14th
Fowler’s Toad

The Fowler's Toad is a species of small toads foun