Woodpeckers in Hawaii

Hawaii, a treasure trove of flora and fauna, seems to many as the perfect ecosystem for hosting woodpeckers. But contrary to popular belief, it is home to only a single species of woodpecker – the northern flicker. But the Aloha state, as unique as it is, has its own woodpecker version. The ‘Akiapola’au or Hawaiian woodpecker is a honeycreeper that is technically not a woodpecker, doesn’t look like one, but exhibits similar behavior of pecking into the wood of trees for procuring food. It is an endangered endemic species with an unusual-looking bill. The upper beak is long and curved downward for probing, while the shorter lower beak acts as a chisel.

Woodpeckers in Hawaii (HI)

Different Types of Woodpeckers Found in Hawaii

NameIdentifying FeaturesWhere They Are Found in Hawaii
Northern FlickerBrown with black spots, red crescent on the napeOpen areas, fields, and wood edges with suitable foraging

Why Are There Almost No Woodpeckers In Hawaii

The remote, isolated location of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean has prevented many birds and animals from making it there, although they are present in the other states of the country. So, most of Hawaii’s rich wildlife is endemic – meaning these species are exclusive to the state.

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