Lizards in Idaho

There are only a handful of lizards in Idaho, and sightings are rare. Most live in the hot deserts or canyons littered throughout the state.

List of the Lizards Found in Idaho

Alligator Lizards

  • Northern Alligator Lizard

Collared Lizards

  • Great Basin Collared Lizard

Horned Lizards

  • Desert Horned Lizard
  • Short-horned Lizard

Leopard Lizards

  • Long-nosed Leopard Lizard

Side-blotched Lizards

  • Side-blotched Lizard


  • Western Skink

Spiny Lizards

  • Sagebrush Lizard
  • Western Fence Lizard

Whiptail Lizards

  • Western Whiptail Lizard